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How to Apply for a Social Media Job at A&P

March 7th, 2011 · 1 Comment

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You will notice that I’m going to start writing more about retail and social media than I have in the past.  This is going to be influenced mostly by my new position as the Social Media Manger for A&P.  A&P is a major grocery company in the Northeast US, with over 350 stores under 6 different banners.  I joined A&P at the beginning of February to help kick start the social media outreach and see if we can’t give some of the retail giants in social media a run for their money (you know who you are…)

A&P is going through a reorganization now and it’s a perfect time start a serious social media effort.  Because internally the atmosphere for change has never been better in this 150 year old company than it is today.  And because externally there are a lot questions that our customers have where social media can provide answers.

I’m really looking forward the new challenges and opportunities that working with A&P offers. We are assembling a great team and I’m looking forward to doing some innovative things with social media that have never been done with a grocery store, or a retailer before.  The vistas for social media have never been better.  So if you’re interested in watching what we’re doing you can Like our Facebook pages:





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If you’re interested in joining the new social media effort with A&P please take a look at our job openings and then contact me on the social network of your choice for your best chance. Of course you could go the standard route of submitting your resume via the corporate website, but that’s not exhibiting your social media chops now is it?  You would get my attention much more quickly if you follow me/ friend me on some social network, dig around and find my email address and send it directly to me.  And then Tweet me or Facebook me and tell me to look for your resume.  Because I may have different criteria than the HR Department and perhaps your resume will have a better chance in getting you the interview if you contact me directly.  If you submit to the corporate site, I’ll only see your resume if the HR Department think it’s worth my while.  And for a social media job I’d much rather see you exhibit some expertise in the field.  Believe me I’ll take you much more seriously that way.  And I’d think that anyone, hiring for any job in social media would feel the same way.

As a matter of fact that’s how I got this job in first place.  A friend of mine said A&P was looking and would I be interested?  I took a look and decided that it would be very interesting to work with this company so my resume was networked into the right people.  I never applied for the job on the corporate website.

So if you’re looking for a job in social media, don’t simply apply for the jobs you find on the corporate websites.  Instead find the social media connections into the organization and work those. Get your resume to bypass the stack of thousands that are in the HR Department and put it directly in the hands of the hiring management for the best chance at getting the interview.

And of course with the new full time job I can’t blog nearly as much as I have in the past so I hope that you find that while the quantity is down the quality of the posts is up.  Please let me know if you feel otherwise.

And of course here and now and always the views expressed here are entirely my own, not those of my employer.

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  • 1 Martyn Hodgson // Mar 7, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    Just one blog like your “9 point social media expert evaluation” is worth its weight in gold. Definitely quality over quantity.
    In fact, Aaron Lee was guestblogging for Danny Brown today and in my comment, I referred to your blog

    If only I lived in the US, I’d follow you up on your offer. Good luck and its good to see you having landed a role like this.

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