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2011 Predictions

December 29th, 2010 · 3 Comments

CBS Early Show Astrologer making Predictions for 2010.

(This is supposed to be a video of an astrologer talking on the CBS Morning Show from January 2010 making predictions for this year.  Apparently CBS’s embeding code doesn’t work with blogs?)

I love it when you listen to astrologers and their ilk on TV because the best ones can spend a long time saying nothing at all.  Watch the video and see if the this one doesn’t leave you wondering what will happen in 2010. I should take that as a clue for my predictions then I wouldn’t have to review my predictions because there would be no way for me to have been wrong.  If you predict that someone will stub their toe during the year you can’t miss.  It’s also pretty easy to tell a single person this is going to be a good year for opportunity for you- because when you miss (50/50 shot) you can say they missed the opportunities they had, not you missing your prediction.

Chris Kieff’s Predictions for 2011:

Video- video is going to be huge this year for everyone’s site.  We’re going to start seeing videos of every kind of product in under the sun.  This is going to be a challenge for the hosting sites like eBay and Facebook.  They are going to have to figure out how to host all of that video and serve it to everyone efficiently.

In the spring of 2010, I found a video on how to upgrade the memory on my brand new Netbook from Windbook.  The computer had only been on the market for 2 months, and it’s not a name brand.  The fact that someone had made a video and posted on YouTube with exact instructions on how to open the computer case and install the expanded memory was, to me, amazing.  Today you can find videos on almost any subject.  Scientists had found that videos make reporting new scientific discoveries much more simple.  They used to have write exhaustive papers explaining everything about how they built an experiment.  Now they can just give the basic instructions and show a carefully shot video which demonstrates everything.

My friend and guest blogger Pat Ferdinandi has a new business helping small business owners understand how to make videos for themselves.  This is going to be a tremendous growth field in the coming years.  Get used to my ugly mug, because I’m going to start shooting some videos this year. (You’ve been warned!)

2011 Social Media

Privacy- I believe 2011 will be the year that privacy becomes a major issue.  There will be some major issues, possibly with millions of people’s privacy exposed, or possibly with some crimes and they will catapult privacy into everyone’s life.  It will most likely revolve around advertisers or apps on social networks and leaks from their ends but Facebook has a very leaky boat and could cause their own problems.

Facebook mass exodus?- No I believe that it’s past the tipping point.  It’s going no where- get used to it.

Twitter for the masses?- Again I think Twitter is a niche, most people don’t really want to gather the attention of everyone.  This is a foreign feeling for us attention whores so it’s difficult for many of us to grasp.  But lots of people don’t actually want to live in the spotlight.  They are happy with only their close friends and family knowing what’s going on with them.  Caveat- it seems that Twitter is gaining in popularity with urban youth.  Since they are often a bellwether, urban youth could be indicating that Twitter will be then next cool thing.  I don’t think so, but I I’ve been wrong before, so we’ll just have to see.  However, for my money, there is no better medium for connecting with the influencers in most online communities than Twitter.  So your marketing people should be on Twitter and talking with the influencers to get your story out.

2011 Technology-Pads, I’m waiting for the Android pads to take the market.  I think they will crush the iPad, just as the Android phones are crushing the iPhone now.  It’s sad that Apple hasn’t learned how to successfully market in the 21st century, they’ve had a while to learn since the whole Mac/PC thing last century.

Society- Things are going to change at a faster pace than they’ve changed in the past.  This is going to continue to cause economic disruption and turmoil.  Get used to it, it’s only going to get faster from here.

Now it’s your turn: Give me your 1 Good Reason for predictions of 2011?

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  • 1 Martyn Hodgson // Dec 30, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    If it were much easier to find local contacts on social media, a lot more people would get it. We’ve had Facebook Places – I predict 2011 will focus on “Find Contacts near you”

    I’d agree with your thoughts on Facebook. There won’t be a mass exodus but with so many unexplained recent FB changes and the mounting privacy worries, I think many businesses during 2011 will “park” their developments in Facebook and focus on other less risky & more stable channels. This may open up opportunities for competitors.

  • 2 Pat Ferdinandi // Jan 6, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    I agree. Video is going to be huge.
    1. You will see more video blogs. Blip.TV will grow in subscribers.
    2. Because of the iPad, I see an increase of authors using video combined with audio and text to make a book experience (see vook.com).
    3. Video will be the means to increase trust. People will need to practice talking to their customers through a camera lens.

  • 3 Elicia // Jan 7, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    i believe the same.

    however, facebook will continue to not utilize the power they have to to expand their product for brands. the things they could do and what brands could do FOR THEM!

    think about it … every brand has an email list but there’s no way to invite friends to a facebook page. a brand has to create a personal page (weird) in order to attract their email lists to facebook. this is what i do for my brands and then send personal messages to every single person connecting with them and directing them to the fan page —– how inefficient it that?!?!!? the point i’m trying to get at though, is that in my experience in doing this process, several people who are signed up for the email list are not on facebook! and are signing up and friending us because we invited them to.

    (SIDE NOTE – this is where facebook really messes up … because i add so many emails at once they shut the account down for 4 days … LOL Yes, it would come off as spamming uploading & inviting say 500,000 emails to be friends with us on facebook and might seem like a privacy invasion BUT THESE PEOPLE OPTED INTO AN EMAIL. when you invite someone to be friends with you and they’re not already on facbeook … it sends them an email. true this email is sent from facebook and they probably have to pay for all those emails BUT HELLO FACEBOOK HERE’S A WAY TO MONEITIZE!!! think CRM & email marketing on Facebook! it’s been repeatedly reported that people are beginning to use facebook messaging more than emailing and companies like constant contact and campaign monitor are making a killing on something that’s typically only 20-30% returnable for brands — ughhhhhhh!!!!)

    imagine a huge brand like coca-cola or something uploading their millions of email subscribers to facebook and the 40% of those emails that are not already on facebook then connect because they were invited by something they’ve already connected and committed to.

    anyway, haha i hate facebook. hopefully they’ll get smarter in 2011 but i highly doubt it …. ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING when they launched the new facebook fan pages they got rid of customized tabs (which brands pay agencies $100,000 to develop) AND they put the suggest to your friends link down by the UNLIKE button ….. HELLOOO!!!!

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