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Want to Make a Name for Yourself in Social Media? Go Niche.

November 17th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Guest Post by my friend Jennifer Fong (@jenfongspeaks)

Social media strategists seem to be coming out of the woodwork in droves these days.  People who guarantee they’ll be able to set you on the path of social media marketing success.  They come with their pocket full of tricks and their industry vocabulary, and honestly, they sound pretty impressive.

But there’s a problem here.  Do they understand the subtleties of YOUR business?

With social media, it’s not a one size fits all solution, and sometimes I worry that way too many companies are being steered in that direction.  There are a lot of things that companies need to consider prior to jumping into social media marketing: marketing goals (for the entire organization, not just social media), web strategy, resources available (both people and money), policies and risk assessment, any legalities that bind an industry when marketing online, and more.

And that’s why I believe that the best social media strategist comes from WITHIN an industry.  Someone who has worked in that industry, and understands the subtle details that would be lost on an outsider.  Sure, you can learn the big principles of any industry.  But unless you’ve worked there, there are going to be things you miss.

And that’s why I believe that the best social media strategist comes from WITHIN an industry.

Now I have to confess a bias: I am a niche social media strategist.  I was the CEO of a company in the industry I now serve as a social media strategist.  I “get” the way people in my industry think.  And I focus exclusively on this industry.  As a result, I come in much better prepared than the average social media strategist.  I know the lingo of the industry, and how things will be received. I know the pitfalls they’ll face.  I know the advantages they have that other industries don’t.

If you’re a social media strategist, you probably came out of another industry too.  And therefore, you can serve that industry better than anyone from the outside.  As you consider ways to market your services, consider how much more you bring to the table.  And make sure your marketing reflects that.

I run a blog exclusively for the industry I serve.  In it, I address the things that make our use of social media unique as an industry.  And it is now one of the most-read blogs internationally on the topic of social media in my industry.  Because it’s useful, and it addresses the needs of my industry exclusively.

It can be hard to distinguish yourself as a social media strategist in general.  But when you go industry-specific, you have a much better chance of making a name for yourself.  And you bring so much more to the table, helping companies in your industry make better choices because they have all the information.

Think about the niche that you can best serve.  It can really set you apart.

Give me 1 Good Reason why you wouldn’t want to use an industry expert as your social media guide?

Jennifer Fong is a social media speaker and consultant who teaches direct selling companies and individual direct sellers how to use social media effectively as a business building tool. A former direct sales company CEO, Jennifer built her company from the ground up, and understands what it takes to build, lead, and train a team, as well as the underlying principles of any direct selling business: book, sell, and recruit.  She combines her expertise in direct sales with her passion for social media marketing to provide direct sellers with the knowledge they need to put social media to work for their businesses in a strategic and profitable way. She provides free information daily on how to use social media for direct sales on her blog at http://www.jenfongspeaks.com and her Facebook Page at http://facebook.com/jenfongspeaks.

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