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The Perils of The Low Hanging Fruit

October 27th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Monday I wrote how despite the fact that 79% of the Fortune 500 are using some form of social media, many of them are simply going after the low hanging fruit.  By that I meant to say they are doing the same old broadcast marketing they’ve been doing for the past 50+ years into the social media arena.  In other words, having a Facebook page that just has links to your latest press releases, and YouTube channel of your executives speaking isn’t a social media program.

But I believe there’s a more insidious problem here, that of doing social media on the cheap and then saying “what’s all of the noise about?”  Because if you think you’re “doing” social media with a Facebook page that has 300 friends and they’re all your employees, and vendors then you’ve missed the boat.  When you couple that with a Twitter account that simply sends out 2 ReTweets per day, and posts links to your blogs, and PR, you’re broadcasting.   And if you base your expectations upon that hobbled myopic view of social media you’re going miss all of the opportunities.  And what are you training your leadership team to expect from social media?

And if you base your expectations upon that hobbled myopic view of social media you’re going miss all of the opportunities.  And what are you training your leadership team to expect from social media?

The opportunities are what happens when you actually communicate with your customers and learn from them, and with them.  You’ll learn from them of new features you can incorporate in future products.  You’ll learn with them of new  uses for your products that you’d never imagined.  You will learn more from talking directly with your customers than you ever could have imagined.  And it will make you a better company, a stronger company and better competitor.

But if you approach social media from the perspective of the low hanging fruit and post a few videos on YouTube, and hire a revolving door chain of college interns to run your Twitter account.  Then you’re going to fool yourself into thinking you’ve got it covered.  Instead you’re setting yourself and your company up to fail.  And you’re training your leadership team that social media can’t produce anything worthwhile.

If you want an example just read the comments and the engagement on these two Facebook pages and see who you think will come out on top in the long run: AT&T or Verizon That’s actually a joke because while Verizon has 900K Fans, to AT&T’s 600K, you can’t talk to Verizon on Facebook.  (Go ahead and click around a little bit, I’ll wait.)   People talk to AT&T on Facebook all of the time.  And they aren’t nice, they curse, and call them names.  And AT&T just keeps coming back and respecting them, and engaging with them.  You can bet that will turn a lot heads in the long run, one at a time.

One of your competitors will be out there doing the heavy lifting too.  They will be writing blog posts, and having them reviewed and approved by 3 departments before they are posted.  They will be responding to customer service complaints on Facebook in full view of the entire world.  They will building up an unassailable wall of customer confidence that you won’t be able to breach no matter how clever your designers are.

Which one of your competitors are out there right now ENGAGING customers in social media.  While you’re happy that you got that last Press Release up on both Twitter and Facebook!

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  • 1 fred abramson // Oct 27, 2010 at 8:32 am

    I hate to be the cynic, but the reality is that verizon et, al, don’t really need to care about social media.

    There only a few telecoms and it is extremely expensive for enter for a new company to enter the market. Most of their customers only truly care about price and coverage.

    So they loose a few hundred social media geeks whose feelings are hurt. For them, its peanuts.

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