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Your Google Home Page

October 4th, 2010 · No Comments

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) Google is your web home page because it’s the first place that people see you on the web.  So you need to think about that and review your Google home page frequently.

What’s your home page on the web? Many people think that it’s the home page of their web site, but they are wrong.  It’s the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) on Google.  In reality if I’m looking for you online the first place I’ll see your name is most likely on Google.  So you should spend some time knowing what is there and managing. it.

Here are mine:

Google Search Engine Results for my website

Google SERP for "1 Good Reason"

Google SERPs for Chris Kieff

Google SERP for "Chris Kieff"

I have lots of stuff on Google and that’s good for me.  I’m easy to find online and you’ll clearly find me when you search for me.  Does the same hold true for you?  If not, you should call 1 Good Reason for SEO help.

HOW TO  find your Google SERPs

One of the challenges in understanding SERPs is that everyone gets slightly different results from Google.  They use your browsing history, your settings and things that you’ve clicked on before to deliver search results that are different for you than they will be for me.

But there is a way to get around this, I used Google Chrome and the “incognito mode” to run the searchs displayed above.  If you want to check your Google SERPs you must use a “Private Browsing Mode” on your browser so Google doesn’t serve you custom results based upon your Google profile and history.

HOW TO  do private browsing:

  • Internet Explorer 8(First why aren’t you using Firefox? No Really!)
    • Select Safety>>InPrivate Browsing
  • Firefox Spread Firefox Affiliate Button
    • Select Tools>>Start Private Browsing
  • Apple Safari
    • Click the Gear (tools)>> Private Browsing
  • Google Chrome
    • Click the wrench (tools)>>New Incognito Window

Now that you’re in “private browsing mode” you can run the search and Google will serve you with generic search results.  However, remember that the results you see will still be effected by geographical location you are searching from.  That means your home and office results may be different depending upon how far apart they are.  Drive 50 miles away and stop in Starbucks and you’ll see something else.  Use your cellphone and you’ll see a different search result again.

Experiment with different searches to see what your potential customer will see when they search.  We’ll discuss what to do these searches in future posts. Now give me 1 Good Reason why don’t consider Google to be your website home page?

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