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HR Should Run Social Media- 1 Year Later

September 9th, 2010 · No Comments

Almost 1 year ago I wrote what has been my most controversial and widely read and debated blog post.  I got reactions from Justin Kownacki, Scott Monty, Jeremiah Owyang, and many, many more.  

It was mentioned by Shel Holtz, and many more in blog posts across the internets. (Although Shel accused me of possibly writing just for link bait.  Read my blog some more Shel, you’ll see that’s not true.)

And then today on the Edelman Blog I found this photo of David Armano talking about social media in a corporate structure:

Excerpt of Original Image which can be found here

And you’ll notice that David and Edelman Digital (the largest PR firm in the world) are espousing that all departments of a company need to be using Social Media today.

Many of the comments I received last year were basically pot shots at HR.  Ignoring the vitriol, let’s take look at the basic premise of my idea.

·         IF HR indoctrinates 100% of your employees in social media policies- THEN 100% of your employees will have access to social media.  Why is this important?  Because Mashable reported a survey of Facebook users interacting with Brands today and they reported that “65% of Facebook users only access Facebook when they are not at work.”

·         Companies that fail to engage via social media end up being trashed by it, frequently simply for their failure to engage.  Jeremiah Owyang keeps a Punk’d List of Social Media Failures for your enjoyment & education.

·         If your Marketing department or PR Department are the only ones involved in your social media they are bound to be overwhelmed.  Marketing and PR are not staffed to deal with customers.  But Sales and customer service departments are staffed to deal with customers, see next bullet.

·         Using social media for customer service (expanding social media beyond Marketing and PR) like AT&T and Microsoft are doing really works. (Following in the footsteps of @ComcastCares)  These companies are now reaping tremendous rewards in customer loyalty and word of mouth marketing as a result.  Microsoft even got a Guinness World Record for Most Responsive Corporate Account on Twitter.  (What the hell kind of a record is that?  But that’s a subject for another blog post.)

So in the end all that was saying 1 year ago, and that I’m still saying today is: Get all of your employees involved with your social media efforts, because it helps.  More good and less harm will come of it.  Keeping it siloed in one or two departments will hinder your responsiveness.  Oh, and by the way, your employees are doing it on their smart phones anyway, so live with it.  You can’t stop it, it’s like calculators in schools.

Give me 1 Good Reason why you shouldn’t involve every one of your employees in your social media efforts?

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