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May 2nd, 2010 · 2 Comments

My website is a terrible example of online marketing.  It opens to my blog rather than a business home page.  I don’t have lots business copy about what I do and how I’ll make you and your business smarter, faster, jump farther and have whiter teeth.  And, OMG, I even post my rates for services.

All of these things are no-no’s according to most of the web marketing professionals.  (not to be confused with web marketers which is another name for network marketers which is another name for pyramid sales schemes like Amway, etc.  Don’t get me started on that!)((And please all of you damned network marketing online skeezies don’t friend and follow me in Facebook and Twitter- I’ll just block you and report you for spam- yes even if you didn’t actually spam me.))

Anyway, most online marketing professionals will tell you that you need to present exactly the image the customer wants to see.  And I’ll tell you that too, for your business.  And for an online marketer like me, that’s a certain level of creative stuff usually done in flash (most likely too much flash) and a portfolio, and some clever ads and things.  However, I don’t market that way because- well because I don’t want to.  I know what kind of clients I attract, and I work with people and companies I like.  I won’t work a company who I don’t feel is contributing generally to the betterment of society.

So while I don’t generally exhibit the very best in online marketing I do have a very deep understanding of it.  For instance I just received an email from a local company.  The email was sent with every email address in the list in the To: box of the email.  The “To: box looked like this:

That’s not the whole email mind you, that’s just the TO: box.

I wrote back to the newsletter sender pointing out that it’s not a good idea to give everyone on your list a copy of everyone else’s email address.  And mentioned that if they needed help with their online marketing they could contact me.  I received a very terse (PO’d) reply from the marketer responsible.  I went to the marketer’s website and found a lot of websites featured in their portfolio, and lots of good marketing kind of stuff.  But with all of that great marketing salesmanship they still make a foolish blunder by sending the email with everyone in the TO: box.  They blamed it on switching to a new email package, but I find it a little hard to believe- I don’t know of a bulk mailing system that’s built in a way that would let you do that.  You do that in Outlook, not in a bulk mail system.

And before you go off  on me about, hey Chris don’t you make any mistakes?  Yes I make plenty, but I’ve not made that particular mistake in about 15 years.

I guess the point of today’s blog is that in today’s world anyone can make a website talking about how great they do anything.  With a little research, Wikipedia, and some creative writing, I’m sure I could build a convincing website espousing my expertise in nearly anything.  But your network of friends and business partners won’t steer you wrong. That’s why social media is so important.

So give me one good reason you wouldn’t ask your network for a referral rather than believe the website of, well anyone?

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  • 1 Chris Brown // May 2, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    In so many ways I have to agree with you. I never used to advertise my marketing consulting company in the yellowpages because I used to say, “anyone who would select their marketing firm from a list in the yellow pages is not the kind of client that I want to work with.”

    But with all the information on the internet, potential clients and customers can really check out the products & services a company offers before they even pick up the phone or send that first email.

    Yeah, some people might claim to be able to do something really well that they don’t really know how to do, but because of the ability of “every” person to be able to post reviews, testimonials and comments, the poser really doesn’t have anywhere to hide any more.
    Just my opinion.
    Chris Brown

  • 2 Chris Kieff // May 3, 2010 at 7:02 am

    Chris, Thanks for the comment. However, I think I’m a little more skeptical than you. Yes there are many ways for people to voice their opinions about service providers. However that only creates confusion and splintering of the information.
    An objective example of the failure of this is proliferation of “Social Media Experts” online with Twitter accounts only 2 months old and facebook pages that look fantastic and have a total of 12 friends/fans/ likes.
    We’re still a long distance from the ability of the average joe to be able to identify a huckster from a real expert.

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