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Friends of Friends and Facebook Connect

April 6th, 2010 · No Comments

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) Facebook Connect is a powerful tool to drive word of mouth across Facebook and attract friends of your website clients.  Apple’s implementation will be a watershed event that will drive many other sites to add FB Connect to their websites in short order.  Will this cause a flood of commercial status updates on Facebook and raise users ire?  Yes but it will settle down and we’ll grow used to it.

Today Tech Crunch announced that Apple’s enormously popular iTunes will soon implement Facebook Connect.  This is enormous news in my view and further cements the domination of Facebook for the coming decade.  Soon millions of other commercial sales websites will begin using Facebook Connect to gain the word of mouth boost that iTunes will soon enjoy.

What is Facebook Connect?

Facebook Connect is a service that allows a two way communications between a website and a User’s Facebook account.  It provides login and ID services to the website and allows the website to deliver notifications to Facebook profile of the User for their social circle (Facebook Friends) to see.  This is an automatic word of mouth tool

Why should online marketers care? 

While I was working at a maker of online social networks I saw the direct impact that implementing Facebook Connect could have on sites.  The web is full of accounts by many web site owners that using Facebook Connect  will raise visits to your site.  My own experience shows me that you will likely see a boost of 20%-30% or up to 200%-300% in logins and new users.

Will there be a backlash?-Yep!

The next obvious step in this is a flood of status updates from all  of your friends telling you what music or iPhone app they just purchased.  If Amazon, and Zappos and eBay jump on the bandwagon then the flood will become a torrent unlike anything social networking users have seen before.  I predict that the pendulum will swing too far to the “sharing” side before it returns toward the center.  I’m sure that I don’t want to see that one of friends is buy some cream for that nasty rash, but it will likely turn up in my Facebook stream.  We will see over sharing before it settles down.  But in a few years time we’ll look back on this as the birth of true Word Of Mouth marketing via the net in a big way.

And you should prepare yourself now for the coming blog posts about how the pristine world of social media is being ruined by crass commercialism.  It’s been a free for all, as in free costing no money, up until now.  Finally there is a way for social media to pay its own way.  And it will take the form of, “Aunt Betty just bought a Pepperidge Farm Turkey- do you want to buy a Pepperidge Farm Bundt Cake to take with you on the way to her house for dinner?”

What should you do as an online marketer?

Get Facebook Connect on your site asap.  You should have had it already.

Give me 1 Good Reason why Facebook Connect won’t rule the web for the next decade… leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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