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9 Random Online Marketing Tips

March 26th, 2010 · No Comments

Recently I’ve see a lot of people doing stupid foolish uninformed things with their marketing.  This is done by large and small companies, and even I do it myself.  So I thought I’d collect a few of these idiotic small oversights into a blog post.

I’ll start with the one I do myself:

1.       Using an email other than your domain name.  I have been using my gmail which is ckieff at gmail.com.  Surprise dummy, but “kieff” isn’t easy for most people to spell.  In fact most people educated in US public schools spell it keiff.  I wonder how many business opportunities I’ve lost over the years because of that?  (And yes I tried to get that gmail address but someone else has it.)  So I’m now trying to use Chris at 1GoodReason.com as my primary address because it’s easier for people to spell and remember.

I went to a networking event recently and ran into a great number of people using @aol.com, @hotmail.com, @rr.nj.net, @verizon.net, etc, etc, etc… Why would you want to advertise for them instead of using your own domain name.  It’s more professional and gives you a stronger feel.  When all we have is your web presence to read you by, having an email someplace else makes you look like less than the guy next to you who has his own domain and email.

2.       Sub domains as destinations.  This one is primarily for larger companies. But using www.Product.MegaCompany.com as a destination for someone is simply lazy.  With current web technology there is no reason for you to use a separate sub-domain.  It’s simply an easy way for the techs to separate things.  Let me say that again, it is easier for your techs, not your customers!  It should be all about making things easier for your customers.

3.       Count Your Clicks. I’ve been reading Marketing Experiments for years and the one thing they drive home again and is that each click your customer has to make is a decision- “do I want to spend another 20 seconds figuring out this website?”  I hate sites that add clicks for no reason.  Take @GuyKawasaki’s Twitter Account as an example.  Every time he sends some cute little interesting story about something from his Holy Kaw! Blog you need to click to his blog.  Then after Holy Kaw! has loaded you get to read an excerpt where you are then led to click to the original source for the full story.  Once, twice, even three times it’s OK.  But after I’ve done this a dozen times I don’t want to read his tweets and get the desire to click wait and click again to get to what I want. Think about that when you’re looking at your web pages, are you making your customers click even one more time than they should need to?

4.       Long Web Forms. You should have heard this before.  Some have said that each extra box can lose 10%-20% of your prospects who are thinking about filling in the form.  Think of it this way- have you ever filled in a form and hit the SUBMIT button and then gotten the “Error- you need to fill in the XXXXX box”?  Then you fill in that box and get another error, and you do it again two more times.  This trains us to be afraid of forms.  Don’t have one single extra box that is not absolutely necessary for your form.  Do you really need to know my address, city state, and zip?  Most likely, at the early point in our interaction all you need is my email and name, maybe my phone number if I choose to give it to you.

5.       Automatic video, audio, music on your web page. Lots of times I use a netbook with a tiny screen, or my iPhone to browse websites.  Even when I’m browsing at my regular computer I don’t want to hear your website.  The only exception to this rule is companies involved with these businesses.  But even here you should have a big Pause or Mute button readily visible to anyone visiting.  Not a tiny little thing in the corner.  Really think about how many different websites you visit in any given week, 20-50 or more.  And each week if you find one that plays sounds it’s very noticeable.  So give it some thought and have a really good reason why you must be so unusual to do that on your site.

6.       Stupid Antiquated Flash only websites. Lots of designers wanted to do websites in Flash in 2006 because it was the hot new thing.  It’s not 2006 anymore.  Yes I know that Google says it indexes Flash but I have my doubts.  But a big issue with these sites is that I can’t send someone a link directly to the info on your site that I want to give them.  And Flash sites don’t work the same as all of the other sites on the net.  You want to stand out for your products and capabilities not for your misuse of technology.

7.       Getting lost in analytics. Why do 1.2% of the people visiting our site come from a blog in Bolivia?  Who cares?  What about the 67% of people that come directly to the site?  Why can’t they find you via Google?  Keep your focus on the things that matter in your Google analytics not on the little, what the hell is that all about.  Speak to professional, expert, someone who’s done it before to gain some perspective.

8.       Put your Social Media Connections on your Business Card.  If you are on social media put your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. address on your business card.  (As always in social media use the ones you’re comfortable with sharing, omit those you aren’t.)  Also if you are a social media guru you should have vanity URL’s for  each of these sites, like: www.Facebook.com/ckieff for example rather than something with a bunch of numbers in it.

9.       Use CamelCase when writing your URL.  Google showed a significant increase in clicks on ads which use CamelCase (capital letters for each word in a URL) versus those that onlyuselowercaseletters.  That’s because people find CamelCase easier to read and understand.

Now it’s your turn, give me 1 Good Reason for another quick random online marketing tip.

Or you could write me at: chris at 1GoodReason.com J

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