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I Guarantee This Blog Post is Worth Your Time

February 16th, 2010 · 1 Comment

I was watching the TED video below and I learned a few things but one of the ideas is very important to marketing.

The important idea, offering choices isn’t always a good thing.  I’ve known this because I’ve studied web site design and optimization.  Many websites offer people too many choices and too many decisions on what to buy.  Many people are overwhelmed with the choices offered and simply can’t make a decision because of the myriad choices. 

But this video offered a new perspective on the “I’ve changed my mind” guarantee that is so pervasive in industry today.  In the video they offered people the option to change their minds for several days after the initial decision.  The experiment in the video showed that people who were offered the opportunity to change their decision worried over that option and were ultimately much less happy with the resulting decision.  They were less happy regardless of the decision they made, to change their minds or keep the original choice.  People offered the option to change their minds later were never happy because they had a nagging doubt that they had made the incorrect choice.  This resulted in long term dissatisfaction for those offered the option to change their minds later, compared to those who had to live with their immediate decision.

Many businesses offer customers this choice.  We’ve all seen the “90 Days No Questions Asked Guarantee.”  Most recently car makers with their no questions asked return policies last summer.  But the results of the experiment indicate this policy may be short sighted.  Are they actually sabotaging their customer’s happiness by offering a deal where the customer will most likely be plagued by their decision later?  It seems that is the inevitable result of such a policy.  I wonder if anyone has done any studies on how this works in the long run?  I for one will definitely carefully consider that option in the future considering long term customer value.

I also learned what simulated happiness is, that it exists and is real and can make you happier in your life.  The idea is that the guy who says he’s happy with just a little, really may actually be happier.  If you don’t know what simulated happiness is then take the 20 minutes and watch the video- it could just change your life.  I think it may change mine. (We’ll have to see how good I am at simulating.)

So now on to my guarantee, if you feel that you’ve not spent the last 3 minutes reading this blog please let me know in the comments below.  I will do 3 minutes of your work- provided that I can do that virtually.  I will write letters for you, read your emails and decide which are junk and which are important for you to read.  I’ll write Tweets for you.  Anything that I can do for you via computer.  So if you feel this blog post wasn’t worth your time tell me below and I’ll make it up to each of you personally.

Give me 1 Good Reason this blog post wasn’t worth your time.

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  • 1 Jacob // Feb 17, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    This blog was certainly worth my time so you don’t have to clean up my inbox, Chris. The TED video confirms my observation that what you think will make you happy, usually doesn’t. More money, a bigger house, a younger/prettier/handsomer spouse, a nicer car, another building with your name on it, usually does not bring happiness. So how do you synthesize happiness? Not with stuff (see ‘George Carlin’). I think you need to engage with bigger issues/questions like what does it mean to be human.
    Back to your reference to choice not being a good thing. I feel reassured if a website offers me a guarantee. I do most of my online shopping at Amazon because I know that I can return items and resolve problems with relative ease.

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