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The AT&T Facebook Fan Page-Analysis and Prediction

December 16th, 2009 · No Comments

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how AT&T is being slammed by the Verizon ad campaign showing 3G coverage maps of the US. AT&T tried unsuccessfully to halt the ads claiming they were misleading, however the Judge didn’t agree.  The ads themselves are very well done and very effective and this blog tells you why.

In an effort to reach its core group of consumers and hopefully it’s advocates, AT&T recently created a Facebook Fan page.  Where AT&T is getting a great deal of criticism.  And my buddy Andrew Cherwenka created an excellent analysis of the responses AT&T is getting, which are decidedly negative.

I think two things are happening here, 1)That there is a great deal of pent up frustration playing out on the AT&T Fan Page, 2)That the advocates are afraid to come out of the woodwork until the overwhelmingly negative comments subside to a general tone of questions and discussion.

I don’t agree with Andrew’s final conclusion that it’s better to not go into social media if you don’t think you’ll get a good reception.  I think that Andrew discounts the catharsis people have when they can complain to the source of their frustration, even when they receive a lackluster response like “we’ll get back to you”.  Simply allowing them to spout off, and telling them you are listening goes a long way in many people’s books. 

I think in a couple of months when a few people hit the AT&T Fan Page and say something like, “I’ve now got 3G service just like you promised!” Things will begin to turn around for AT&T.  There will always be the “trolls” on the site who will complain, but advocates will emerge.

I think in the long run AT&T will come out on top with this Facebook outreach if they have the fortitude to stick with it and take the slings and arrows of outrageous competition.  Over time, the fact that they are willing to listen will bring out their supporters and advocates.  I’ve seen it before in social networks where the brand doesn’t need to defend themselves because their advocates will do it for them.  But it takes some time to build up the social capitol for that to happen.  Look at Comcast as an example.

Give me 1 Good Reason why AT&T should stay in Facebook. (respond in the comments below.)

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