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How to Make a Cool Corporate Video

December 6th, 2008 · No Comments

Ok I should start by apologizing to my readers for not having written much recently.  For those of you who have been following my other life- the one that pays the bills- it’s been rather hectic lately.  That tends to happen when your startup gets bought by a Fortune 500 and you’re responsible for the PR campaign associated with it.  So that’s why I’ve been busy lately.

Anyway, I’ve just started a new series of blog posts over at the Ripple6 blog and the process I’ve used is interesting and engaging.  So I thought I’d explain what I did and how you can do the same thing- and this is for free!

I started with a panel discussion Ripple6 did at a conference.  We had a great panel with senior executives from Gannett, Procter & Gamble and Meredith (Meredith publishes; Good Housekeeping, Parents and about a bazillion other magazines).   Now I’ve been on a whole bunch of websites where they took a panel discussion video and simply posted it on the website or blog.  And even when you have a great panel it’s a big thing to ask someone to come to your site and give you 45 minutes or an hour for a video.  Short attention spans are the norm on the web and long form videos just aren’t that popular.

Another problem is some of the best stuff in a panel discussion comes at the end during the question and answer period.  But often you need a few minutes of the main section to get the background so you can understand what the questioner is asking.  This leads to a requirement of watching the whole video to get a few minutes of the best stuff.

“I suppose if your video is really, really, REALLY boring there’s not much that can be done to help it.”

One common way to fix the 45 minute video is to edit it down to 10 minutes of the best stuff.  And that was suggested to me as a way to address our video.  However, I saw a different way to do it.  There was so much excellent material in the video that I could use almost the entire thing.  But I knew no one wanted to sit through it all.  And oh by the way I’m facing the common lack of resources and funding that any Marketing department today has.

So I took a different route, I decided to chop the video into 15 different small pieces each covering a single topic.  This allows me to write a blog post on each one and allow our readers to comment on each topic.  Something that a 10 minute multi-topic “best of” reel doesn’t allow.

And with 15 little pieces I can now reorder them into a progression that makes sense. I can take that excellent question that came at the end of the panel and move it to the front of the series.  Where it now serves as an excellent intro piece, which no one foresaw as the best way to start the discussion.

The kicker here is that cutting the video into a bunch of little pieces wasn’t actually that hard.  It took a few hours of watching video to decide where to make the cuts.  And I found a few excerpts that make excellent testimonials in other places on our website.  When necessary I write a short intro piece that creates the set up needed for the viewer to understand the video.  And it wasn’t too expensive, for those of us Marketers (all of us-lol) who find ourselves on a budget now-a-days.

Now I suppose if your video is really, really, REALLY boring not much can be done to save it.  But this method gave me blog topics for 2 months and great interactive content that seems to be getting lots of people interested in the series.  The anticipation of the next post is part of the fun for people and heightens the success of the series.

I hope you enjoy my new blog at Ripple6 and I’m going to try harder to post here on 1GoodReason more often.

Tanks for reading,


PS:  Please leave a comment here if you use this idea with a link.  I’d love to see what you can do with it.

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