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It’s a lot harder than it looks

July 21st, 2008 · No Comments

BLUF: doing anything extremely well is a lot harder than it looks. The corollary is making mistakes or doing something poorly can make that “it looks so easy to do” thing seem simple. It rarely is.

I have two cats, or rather, two cats live with my family and I. We would love to have a dog but they are not allowed in our condominium. Now, I’m a DIY’er (Do It Yourselfer) and I’m constantly doing things around the house. Several years ago I created a built in catbox that neatly hides the litter tray in our laundry room so the cats have a nice place that is clean and not so out in the open. This litter tray served it’s (not so noble) purpose for several years. However recently it has begun to have problems, specifically it leaks. I’ll not go into graphic details, and I’ll skip the Flickr photos to spare your sensibilities.

So I’ve decided to replace it with something more…effective shall we say? Not wanting to revisit this particular issue again in the near or not so near future, I decided to go with a store bought plastic cat litter box for our particular needs.

I started using the new plastic store bought litterbox this weekend. And I discovered something surprising- it’s a hell of a lot better than my homemade one!

What is there about litterbox technology that’s so amazing? I’ll just share with you that the shiny smooth surface is much easier to scoop things out of and I’ll leave it at that.

But the real point here is that we often see things which are apparently easy but which in fact are not. Getting the price right on a can of beans in the supermarket. Getting one price right isn’t hard, getting the price right on the 50,000 items a typical supermarket sells, every single day, is hard.

Why should you care? The problem lies when you view a competitor, or a vendor failing at something that looks easy but isn’t. This leads you to underestimate the ease with which you can replace them. Which leads to heartache, and headache.

As you watch the Olympics think about your competitors or suppliers and how they make things that are hard look easy. In the Olympics we see the best athletes in the world doing amazing things and making it look easy. There are everyday people doing hard things well, and that makes it look easy. Don’t be fooled, it’s not easy.

Give me one good reason why you think what you do is much harder than it looks.

Tanks for reading.

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