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What’s Driving Social Media?

June 6th, 2008 · 1 Comment

BLUF: (Bottom Line Up Front) I can google anything I want to know about in seconds. You can’t control that, all you can do is take part. If you don’t take part, you are being left behind.

What’s Driving Social Media? It’s a very simple answer really, Google.

I can google anything I want to know, and I’ll have the answer in few seconds. If I want to know what people are saying about the product I’m thinking about buying, I’ll know in seconds.

Think about that- never before in the course of human history could everyman have access to such information.

The huge amount of data available on the net and the ease with which I can find it. The ease with which I can research your product and your ten competitors. Is completely new.

People instinctively believe others who have nothing to gain from recommending or trashing a product. Therefore they will tend to gravitate towards social networks where others relate their experiences.

I can post a question on Twitter and get an answer in minutes. And even though I’ve never met that person (most likely) I’ll have a tendency to accept their advice as honest, because they don’t have an agenda. (That’s because if they do, someone else will call them out on it.) If I’m not too sure about their reply, in one click I can quickly see all of their recent activity. If I’m really unsure, I’ll just keep looking for my answer.

For a more professional arena I can post a question on LinkedIn. I’ll have 10 answers from experts in the field in a matter of hours. Any field, any question. Product reviews, service reviews, answers about working for, or with, or against your company.

Think about that. For. With. or Against.

All manner of providers, and purveyors of goods and services are finding their customers and (most importantly) their potential customers are all talking. They are talking to each other, about them. And anyone can join the conversation or listen in; a day, a week or a year later.

Today’s Question: What’s keeping you from climbing on the Social Media Train?

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