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Doing Your Part in The War Against Terrorism

January 18th, 2008 · No Comments

Doing Your Part in The War Against Terrorism

” What Me Worry?”

Headline of the New York Times, November 1st 2004, “PRESIDENT POSTPONES ELECTIONS BECAUSE OF TERRORIST COMPUTER ATTACK”. It is a distinct possibility that Terrorists could use the internet to launch their next attack. It may involve some type of computer virus. It could also involve hijacking your Home or Business Computers and using them to launch these attacks.


“How is this my problem,” you may ask? Not only terrorists but Spammers’ and Hackers of all sorts can hijack your PC without your knowledge. Especially if you have an always on connection like Optonline or DSL. A hijacked PC can then be used along with 1000’s of others to launch an attack against a specific website. Bad enough when that website is MS or Amazon, but potentially catastrophic if that site is the NYSE.


US Flag Waving

Therefore, I believe that it is our patriotic duty to prevent our computers from becoming pawns of Terrorist’s or other ner’do-wells. So the next question is how do I protect my computer?

Print out this list and keep it handy.

Do These Things at Least Once Each Month

  1. Run a Virus Check regularly. If you don’t have one, visit this website; housecall.trendmicro.com and use their free House Call program to check your PC. You can use this Internet based virus checker anytime you want and it’s free. I use this site whenever I think something is funky with my PC- even though I use Norton’s Antivirsus constantly.
  2. Run Spyware Detectors regularly. If you don’t have one or two go to my Downloads Page and get Adaware and SpyBot Search and Destroy here. Experts recommend that you use two different programs because they will detect different problems.
  3. Pick a date 1st, or 15th of each month and put it in your calendar to run the Anti-Virus and Spyware Detectors.

Do the following Items Only Once

  1. Use a Firewall if you have a high speed or always on link to the internet. Ask your ISP if you have a Firewall. If you don’t go here and download and install a free copy of Zone Alarm.
  2. Close the loopholes or “backdoors” in your PC to make you a harder target for the bad guys. Go to my Downloads Page and download and open; Shoot the Messenger, DCOMBobulator, XPdite, and UnPlug n’ Pray. These programs will check your PC and make sure these vulnerabilities are secured.
  3. Keep your system up to date with the latest patches and security updates. Just to be sure go to the Microsoft Update web site here.
  4. Tell a friend or co-worker about this and pass the idea along. Feel free to forward this email along to anyone you wish.
  5. Pat yourself on the back. You’ve not only protected your PC and your family or office from future problems, but you’ve also done your small part in the War Against Terror.

If you wish to reprint this article in whole or in part you are hereby granted permission to do so. However, please send me a copy and a link if it is posted on your website, and keep a link intact to www.1GoodReason.Com Thanks

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