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Dear Mr. Reasonable,

January 13th, 2008 · No Comments

Mr. Reasonable will answer questions on any subject matter. Simply send him a note and he will try to work your question into the newsletter.

Dear Mr. Reasonable,
My email box is so full of Spam that I’m afraid I’m missing really important messages. When are they going to fix this problem?
Signed, Troubled in Topeka

Dear Troubled, The Internet Guru’s are working on the problem right now. They are rushing a new email technology standard that will prevent spammers from hiding the address they are sending from. This new technology will make Spammers addresses easier to block which should cut down on spam a great deal. Look for a new standard to be available this spring and then download it and use it.

Dear Mr. Reasonable,
Why can’t I be happy all the time?
Signed Sad in Sandusky

Dear Sad, some may suspect Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) a medical condition that causes depression during the winter. This problem is often treated with bright lights and anti-depressants. This could be the cause of your malaise, especially for those in the far frozen north. However, I would be more likely to suspect a slow internet connection or low memory in your computer. Seek qualified professional help such as the professionals at 1Good Reason.Com for the solution to your problems.

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