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Apple’s not as bad as ________

July 15th, 2010 · No Comments

So where does Apple Computer lay on the line of companies we’re not as a bad as _______?

Let’s examine the Apple’s history:

·         2006- iPods with viruses shipped to 1% of iPod users in 2006- Apple didn’t apologize instead they complained that Windows wasn’t secure enough.  Except it wasn’t about Windows, it was about Apple making sure that the product they shipped to their customers was safe for them to use. 

·         2006-07-09 Apple laptops keep being reported as catching on fire for no apparent reason.  No one was reported killed.

·         2009- Steve Jobs Kills someone and steals their liver gets a liver transplant under questionable ethical conditions. 

·         2009- Apple reportedly tells users in NYC that 30% dropped calls on the iPhone 3GS is typical for users in the area.  USA Today reports iPhones drop calls worldwide.

·         2009- SEC probes insider stock trading by Apple executives.

·         2010- Apple employee loses a prototype iPhone 4 in a bar.  Apple makes California police raid a bloggers home.

·         2010- Consumer Reports faults the iPhone 4 for antenna problems and then fails to give it a “Recommended” ranking.

·         2010- Apple pulls users mentions of the Consumer Reports article from their  forums.  (This is a serious no-no in social media.)

·         2010- Federal judge has granted class action status in the lawsuit against Apple and AT&T for the marketing of iPhones.  The lawsuit alleges that Apple gave AT&T secret exclusive rights to sell the iPhone in the US for 5 years.  And that Apple doesn’t allow the phones to be used on any other cell phone network.  These actions are anti competitive and hurt consumers according to the suit.

Let’s look at the competition:

·         BP- Spilled, and continues to spill millions of gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico fouling beaches and water.  Killing 11 workers in the process and sickening hundreds more.  Ruining the lives and livelihoods’ of millions of others in the region.—WAY WORSE THAN APPLE

·         Union Carbide-  1984, Bhopal, India, Using untrained staff,  poorly maintained equipment, and a lack of oversight, killed 3787 people, and effected over 500,000 in the worst industrial accident of all time.  WAY WORSE THAN APPLE

·         Lehman Brothers- Declared bankruptcy in 2008 starting the financial panic leading to the current recession- which is the longest and deepest in the US since the Great Depression.  This has resulted in the loss of millions of jobs and trillions of dollars.  WAY WORSE THAN APPLE

·         AIG- Bad insurance gambles caused the company to nearly go bankrupt, but the Federal Government intervened because it was “too big to fail”  Resulting in a taxpayer bailout totaling $122.8 billion dollars.  WAY WORSE THAN APPLE

·         Enron- Declared bankruptcy in 2001 after defrauding thousands of investors and causing one of the worst accounting scandals in US history.  WAY WORSE THAN APPLE

·         Bernie Madoff – Created a ponzi scheme defrauding thousands of investors of $65 billion dollars with nonexistent investments.  WAY WORSE THAN APPLE

Apple hasn’t killed anyone yet.  They’ve not driven thousands of workers out of their jobs, or caused a major financial meltdown. So Mr. Jobs and crew can hold their heads high because they are head and shoulders above the rogue’s gallery above.  So while Apple appears to be closer to Blackwater than Ben & Jerry’s when it comes to corporate governance, and it’s officers.  It must be remembered that Apple has a long way to go to be called evil when considered against these corporate citizens.

The next time you hear someone complaining about the new iPhone 4, remind them of Enron, AIG and Bernie Madoff.  If it gets rough you can fall back on BP and Union Carbide.

Apple- we’ve not killed anyone yet!

What’s your Apple’s not as bad as….

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