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The New Bluetooth Age

June 23rd, 2010 · 2 Comments

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) I love the new Bluetooth headsets from Jabra, and I’ve got an extra Jabra Stone lying around here, so if you want to win it simply RT this article with the words “New Bluetooth Age” in your tweet to be entered to win!  Drawing will be held on Thursday 6/24/10 at 5 PM.  Full details below:

I had the good fortune to connect with Jabra, a division of GN Netcom who manufacture Bluetooth Headsets.  And for full disclosure by connect with, I mean they are client of my social marketing services.

Bluetooth headsets have come a long way from when I first tried them about a decade ago.  Each one had an annoying light on it so everyone looked like a cyborg or terminator or something walking around. 

Some of the new headsets from Jabra are very cool and can make your life not only much better but also more safe. (don’t talk on the phone or text while driving-duh)

The one that I’ve fallen in love is the Jabra Stone.  The reason is simple- survivability.  I’ve had a half a dozen Bluetooth headsets, and they’ve all either gotten lost or broken.  After breaking the thin wires on the stupid Jawbone, and spending $15 for replacements (15 Dollars!  Are you kidding me, for 3 tiny pieces of wire 3 inches long? Holy @#$%$)  I had given up on Bluetooth.  But the Jabra Stone changed that.

The thing I love about the stone is that it has a holder that sits in your pocket which protects and charges the headset when you’re not wearing it.  This is brilliant!

I just leave my stone in my pocket and pull it out when and if I feel Bluetooth is good for the current situation.  I have a good safe place to put it back when I’m done so it’s easy to put on and take off.

The sound quality is very good and it’s very easy to operate.  But it also feels good.  The one size fits all, seems like won’t be comfortable, but everyone I’ve talked to with one, loves it.

But for me the portability is the main issue, no matter what you don’t want to wear your headset all of the time.  And having a place to put it where it’s protected, and being recharged is the major plus for me.

Second I love the Jabra Cruzer- which is for the car.  It clips on the visor and automatically detects your phone when you get in the car.  It also has an FM tuner in it, so you can listen to your phone (iPod, etc.) with your car stereo.  This is great because on long trips I can listen to podcasts or books.  And I can put the phone through the stereo of the car and turn it up loud enough to hear it clearly above the highway noises in New York.

And finally there’s the Jabra Halo, a stereo Bluetooth headset for listening to music and more.  This is really cool and I love it for music and listening to podcasts in the Subway.

Since I live in New Jersey where you can get a ticket for using a cell phone without a handsfree device, it makes me much less paranoid when I see a police car in rear view mirror:

The Jabra Stone Bluetooth Headset Contest:

1.       To be eligible you can’t be an associate of Jabra, GN Netcom or 1GoodReason.  You can’t have won a drawing for a headset before from 1 Good Reason.

2.       Post a tweet with a link to this blog post and include the words “New Bluetooth Age” in your tweet.

3.       We will contact the winner via Twitter from the @ckieff twitter account.  You must then provide your postal mailing address so we can send your prize.

4.       One entry per person.

5.       One winner will be chosen at random from all entries posted from the time this blog post goes live and 5PM ET 6/24/10.

6.       Eligibility will be determined by 1 Good Reason and the decision by the judges is final.

7.       The winner will be announced on Twitter.

A note to my readers: This blog post is a bit of a departure for me.  I’ve never before written about a client’s product like this.  Especially when it doesn’t relate to social media.  I did this for two reasons; 1) To set the stage for a product give away as a simple way to reward my readers.  2) Because I really do love these products and I use them daily. I think having them will make your life better and you should consider buying them for yourself or your loved ones.  Especially if live in a state with handsfree cell phone laws.

Give me 1 Good Reason why I shouldn’t do more posts like this.

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    New Bluetooth Age

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