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Impressions from Internet Week New York

June 14th, 2010 · No Comments

Best day spent at a conference: The surprising winner for me was T3PR, the Public Relations Society of America’s Theory, Tactics and Technology group.  Why was T3PR surprising?  I guess I was just expecting the PR group to be a bunch of flacks- but they were far from it.  The reason this show was so good for me was because I learned so much from the likes of; Justin Levy, Christine Perkett, Sarah Evans and Ed Schipul.  They are each brilliant speakers who took the time to prepare for their presentations and cared about delivering ROI to the audience.  A special thanks to Deirdre Breakenridge for inviting me to the show.  Check out the twitter stream posted here.

Best “Oprah” moment at a conference: Clearly the winner was the Mashable/CNN Summit when Motorola announced that all 500 people in the audience would receive a new Android phone.  I wasn’t on the official list, so I shouldn’t have received one.  But I waited till the end of the day and went and asked politely if they had any left- they did.  And my wife is very, very happy with her new Motorola BackFlip phone with Motoblur. (Yes FCC, Motorola did give me a phone.)  And I hope to one day use it to test its social media capabilities, but it’s not looking like my wife will me touch it anytime soon.

Most interesting speech: Delivered by Nick Bilton of the New York Times during T3PR Lunch.  Nick writes for the Bits Blog and does some work in the NYT Research Lab. (Yes, I didn’t know they had a research lab either!) And the research lab are working on some really neat things.  A couple of ideas they are kicking around for sometime in the future: 

·         If you read a NYT story on your PC then later in the day at your office or on your phone you won’t see the same story repeated.  It’s called intelligent news delivery.

·         If a news story breaks around the corner from your GPS enabled device (smart phone, or iPad, etc.)  they will tell you about, and maybe ask you to tell them about it too.  Think of proactive iReporting.

Most Surprising Moment: Seeing that Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN, is really really short.  I’ve watched him on TV a lot and never realized just what little person he is.  He did a great job and you can watch the session free here.

Most Surprising App: The iPhone App for Internet Week NY which was done by Gloto Corp. was surprisingly useful.  I’ve used a few of these one off apps for big events, and this is the first one I found myself using to help me find venues and check directions, times etc.  I actually pulled it out in conversation with people to check which event we were going to go to next.  It even had a tie in with Four Square to allow you to check in to venues from the app.  This makes it more important if you’re having an event during one of these mega-shows to be sure you get on the official calendar.

Most Disappointing Moment: I was disappointed that Mashable/CNN Summit, didn’t police their speakers more and make them allow time for questions from the audience.  The only session during the day to take questions was the one lead by Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  Mashable is a social media company who should be more attuned to the need for both the virtual and live audiences to interact.

Best Interaction Moment: Several times during a couple of events I had Twitter discussions with friends who were watching the live streams of the presentations.  I’ve watched a few conferences this way and you get a lot out of it.  I predict much more of this will be happening in the future.  And for promotions companies, I don’t think it hurts your audience attendance numbers at all- in fact it makes people want all the more to be there next time.

In the comments give me 1 Good Reason why you found Internet Week New York interesting.

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