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Make Your Social Media Presence Useful

February 1st, 2010 · No Comments

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) Become an aggregator for your social stream by repeating (RTing) links to good articles and links that others give you via your stream.  Real time feedback from your followers will help you to tune it to what they want.  This makes your social media stream more informative and useful.

There’s just too much good stuff on the internet today.  I don’t have any hope of finding very much of it. But what I do have is friends who find it.  So I read my Twitter stream and I look for people that I trust recommending articles, links, and stuff that I might find useful. 

No, that’s not right, it’s not even useful.  Sometimes it’s the stupid picture of a dog eating a, that gives me the break I needed during the day.

But other times it’s that incredibly moving video I posted last week.  Or an excellent article on how to make your social media work better that I need to use when drafting the strategy for my latest client.

But in reality I spend a lot of my time on Twitter and Facebook promoting the work of others.  And I think that’s all right for two reasons.  First because I’m telling you who it was that brought it to my attention (with a RT @_____ via Twitter) so they are getting the credit for finding the original work.  And second because the web has so much good stuff that it’s almost impossible otherwise for use to find it.  And I’m also giving the article or thing that I find interesting a wider audience than it may have had before by promoting it to my circle of friends and followers.

I believe that this makes my Twitter and Facebook streams valuable to others.  I believe that for two reasons too.  First because others tell me that in replies and RTs of my messages.  And because I know that I find value in the RT’s and repeats of others in my stream.

So just as I said in my predictions post, I believe that the future belongs to aggregators, and I’m one of them.  Just on a small scale.

So go out and do something to make your stream more valuable to your friends and followers today.  And no, Farmville isn’t valuable to anyone.

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