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I’m a PC and I’m going to get killed by Social Media

September 19th, 2008 · 2 Comments

The new Microsoft ad campaign:

YouTube Preview Image

First, the new MS ad campaign is ripe for parody, (thanks Jeremyah for this meme).  So what should MS do?  Get in front of the parody and embrace it with gusto!  It’s clear to everyone that their last campaign with Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates was a complete failure.  So what should they do next?

Embrace the parody with social media!  Set up a video parody contest on YouTube or some windows video sharing site and grab the gusto of the new media.  Give new PC’s (I’m a new PC!) to the best parodies that don’t insult or ridicule.  Run with it, because you know it’s happening with or without your consent.

Now there’s nothing on YouTube yet, but this search will likely show a  couple of videos in the next 24 hours.

Please post links to good parodies you find in the comments below.

Tanks for reading,


UPDATE:  Here are the automatic responses you get if you email the addresses in the video:

First from Sean@windows.com

Hello! I’m a PC – and I can’t answer your email right now. I’d like to say that I’m out climbing Mt. Rainier or biking across Europe with the Swedish Beach Volleyball Team, but in fact I’m probably just chained to a desk somewhere in the depths of Redmond pounding out product specifications.

Now that I have been in a commercial, Microsoft has given me access to super-secret “BillyG” level of executive resources. That’s right – I have my own email auto-responder!

This, as you have probably surmised, is my pre-prepared auto-response (All natural, no filler. No animals were harmed in the making of this response. Except for a ferret.) I really would like to have answered you myself, but if I did, (a) I’d probably get no work done, and (b) then I’d get fired, and (c) then I’d have no chance of doing any more of those really awesome commercials.

So let me try to prognosticate a few of your questions and answer a few of them.

Why did they put you on TV?

I think it’s my devastating good-looks and animal magnetism. No, really – there’s a ferret stuck to my leg right now.

But really – you aren’t even an actor!

No I’m not. But I play one on TV. I really am a Microsoft Program Manager. I work on IPv6, and other things that you haven’t heard of.

How did you get selected?

I auditioned along with a couple of hundred others. I guess I looked very Engineery. And the ferret probably helped.

Are you interested in more acting?

Oh no, I think that Engineering is MUCH more fun. <rolls eyes>

What’s with Windows Vista?

<sigh> You’ve been watching those commercials again, haven’t you? Windows Vista rocks. Listen to real users, not actors.

-The Real PC, Sean Siler

next From Bill@windows.com

this is an exciting time… wait, you know what? it’s always an exciting time. i am as excited and passionate about Microsoft as i was when we were Micro-soft. the goal never changes for us, so everyday seems like the first day, and the first day was really just about one thing: connecting people.

maybe this didn’t answer your question at all. but I wanted to say it anyway. i mean, this is an auto-response email. and i will try to answer a few of them, but they will all say the same exact thing…

this is an amazing company. and, yes, the future really is delicious.



And finally from feng@windows.com

Hi. My name is Feng and I am an SDE, which stands for Software Development Engineer. In layman’s terms – a code monkey. Not a great name, I know, but I think I’m a pretty good balance of geeky and girly (maybe a little bit more on the geeky side). I love hanging out with my friends, watching TV, and shopping online. And I spoil my dog (Lucky) to death.

In case you’re wondering, yes, this is an auto-response email. I am really writing it, just ahead of time. I can’t get to every email I have received. Although, I am trying. So keep checking your inbox. Mainly, I am working on the next release of Windows. There is a brand new feature that will help people organize their data much more easily. Can’t say much more than that :-P

Thanks for the email. And yes, being on TV is cool.


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  • 1 Andy Finkle // Sep 19, 2008 at 11:06 am

    Well not quite a parody, but Microsoft is letting users send their “I am a PC” videos… http://bit.ly/1eEO10 They should add to it by having the “IAmmie” awards, and use crowd-sourcing to vote for the best ones.


  • 2 Chris Kieff // Sep 19, 2008 at 12:22 pm

    So instead of embracing the parody and getting with the new meme, MS is doing the classic corporate send me a 15 sec. bit and I’ll make it as boring as possible, way of doing it.

    So predictable.

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