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Man, that makes you feel stupid.

September 2nd, 2008 · No Comments

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) If you are going to flog, aka Adverblog (and you know you will) the old school ideas of subtlety, innuendo, irony and sarcasm need to be supplanted with simplicity and clarity.  Basically because we suck at spotting subtlety in written communications. Like Duh!

It’s extrememly difficult to recognize sarcasm and irony in writing especially on the web.  Perhaps this is because of the fact that people skim web pages rather than read them in detail. But studies have identified a more likely cause as being the missing information which can be derived from voice and body language.  We’ve all picked up the phone after a long series of confusing emails, back and forth, forth and back, each more difficult to write, seeking to describe the subtlety, and neuance of the situation, only to clear it up in a 30 second phone conversation.

Personal experiences that many of us share relating to that time when they “totally missed the sarcasm/irony in that email” should help us to understand the depth of the problem.  I’ve jumped down people’s throats because they were more subtle than I was able to detect in their email.  Man, that makes you feel stupid.

Man, that makes you feel stupid, is the point here.  The very last thing an Adverblogger needs is to make their target audience feel stupid, misled, fooled, hoodwinked, bamboozled, betrayed, etc… you get the point.  So the only way to deliver AdverBlogging that works and isn’t an affront to the readers is to be clear about your intent, goals, or support (i.e. the money behind the words.)

Consider carefully how the reader could possibly misinterpret your words.  Could they be thinking your Advertisement is not that, but a true unsolicited customer testimonial?  If that’s the case, (and it often is) then you need to make it more apparent that it’s an Ad, period.  If that means a label as blatant as “this is an advertisment” then that’s what you need to do. Because the alternative is making the target audience, your customers feel stupid.  And that’s never a good thing.

Do you think I’m being stupid?

Tanks for reading,


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