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GetSatisfaction.com Got All My Friends!

July 29th, 2008 · 1 Comment

BLUF: GetSatisfaction.com the consumer complaint site was able to do something no other social networking site I’ve encountered was able to do, they got all of my friends. The site found 550 of my Twitter friends in a few seconds.

I sign up for, try out and test lots of new Social Media sites constantly. Somebody mentions a neat new site on Twitter, or Facebook, or in a blog and I’m likely to go there and try it out.

So when I finally got around to signing up for GetSatisfaction.com last week it was with a jaded eye that I ran their Import Twitter Contacts function and was astounded! It instantly returned 550 people that I’m friends with on Twitter.

Now I’ve got lots of connections on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Plurk, etc, etc, etc. And I’ve tried dozens and dozens of sites applications and plugins. Not long ago I tried a Facebook App and it failed to find a single one of my friends. I wrote the help line and they said no one in their company had as many friends as I had, I only have about 900, which by Facebook standards isn’t a huge amount of people. This type of reaction is something that I’ve grown accustomed to; applications fail to find all, or even any of my connections.

The other side of having a big list of friends on sites, like Facebook and Twitter, is that even if the application or plugin you are using can deal with a big list it can take several minutes for it to work. As an example Facebook has FriendWheel that graphs the connections between your friends, so you can see how they are interconnected. FriendWheel can deal with up to 600 friends but in doing that it takes several minutes to generate the graph. (Although Friendwheel, I tried you today and it says 60 seconds but… it was more like 3 minutes.) But GetSatisfaction.com not only found most of the people I am Friends with on Twitter but on top of that, they did it in seconds. I was literally jaw droppingly astounded. (I don’t think that “droppingly” is a word, sorry.)

A warning for Twitter

I’m not sure how or why GetSatisfaction.com can do what so many others can’t seem to manage. I requested an interview but received no reply. Scott, did reply to my question posted on the website itself but he only said that they have a smaller user base. Whatever GetSatisfaction.com is doing, should be emulated by Plurk.com, identi.ca and any other social media wannabe’s. Because the greatest barrier to entry is moving your existing network from one social site to another. And with Twitters Fail Whale flying regularly they are ripe for being picked off by one of the other sites.

What do you think?
Tanks for reading.

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  • 1 Chris Kieff // Aug 8, 2008 at 2:02 pm

    As further evidence of this I’ve just tried Social Median’s “Find your Friends on Twitter” and it only found 20 of them. 20 out of 1800+ people are all that are on Social Median? I doubt it.

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