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Top 10 Social Media Guides

May 6th, 2008 · 10 Comments

BLUF- Read these things if you want learn about Social Media. Bookmark this page if you to come back, because it will be updated. Don’t just read the email because you’ll miss the follow up discussion.

My list of the Top 10 Social Media Guides covering the state of the art for business. Included with each is my own personal Take away: which is the one thing that I learned or re-learned from that posting.

  1. Blogging 101 by Susan Getgood- download the 56 page PowerPoint of the presentation she recently gave at SOCAP (Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business) International Symposium in Boston.
    Take away: Social media sites that aggregate ratings, like Yelp or TripAdvisor, have the most impact. I’m more likely to listen to the combined opinion of 25 people over the rantings of 1 angry customer.
  2. Tweeting for Companies 101by Tara Hunt - includes sections on; Good Examples of Corporate Tweeters, Stuff to Tweet About, and How to Tweet Without Losing Your Soul.
    Take away: Balancing, Promotional tweets, with Personal Tweets, with Conversational Tweets.
  3. A Comprehensive Guide to StumbleUpon by Dosh Dosh – Simply one of the best blogs out there, IMHO. Dosh Dosh lists some great ideas you can use here for much more than just StumbleUpon.
    Take away: Try using tags that are more general and less specific; with examples.
  4. 48 Social News Websites again by Dosh Dosh – This post includes screen shots of all 48 websites! That kind of attention to detail explains why it’s such a great blog.
    Take away: this webpage has a list of over 380 social news sites. Most of them are a waste of your time: they are riddled with spam…
  5. How Do I Get Placement On Blogs by Jason Falls – This example story/ almost pitch is a perfect example of the state of the art in approaching Blogs and Bloggers today.
    Take away: I’m NOT ASKING HER TO BLOG ABOUT IT! I’m merely asking if she’ll try it.
  6. The State of Blog Relations by APCO & the Council on Public Relations – A fascinating study of the perceptions of Bloggers vs. the perceptions of PR Professionals.
    Take away: Transparency is non-negotiable, both by PR people and bloggers.
  7. 17 Social Shopping Sites by Social Media Trader – A useful chart that gives demographics on the 17 top sites covering age, sex and traffic of these increasingly important social comparison sites.
    Take away: No one my age shops for anything- lol.
  8. Evaluating New Social Media Networks by CIO Insight – A wonderful primer for your evaluation of social networking technologies and new vertical nets in your neighborhood.
    Take away: Does it shift power from institutions to people?
  9. AllTop Social Media - This Guy who’s kinda interested in Social Media, from what I can gather is involved in this site that lists the best of each genre in most popular online subject areas. What’s his name? He’s named after a motorcycle I think, but I can’t think of it right now…
    Take away: You ain’t noth’n till you’re listed on AllTop. And you’ll notice this blog isn’t there…YET!
  10. 75 Suggestions Best Practices & Resources for Digg by Derek Edmond [Late Addition]- An awesome resource with fantastic tips and links to great tools and other ideas for digging your way to gold.
    Take away: Don’t keyword stuff your titles or descriptions (traditional, old-school SEO tactics are not advised)

This list is entirely subjective and there are certainly those who will think the list is missing some important posts- let me know in the comments. You see, this is the web and I can “Do it Wrong Quickly” and then fix it.

Tanks for Reading,


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