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February 26th, 2008 · 3 Comments

Tools I use every day.

In the spirit of Wired Magazine’s Free Business Issue I’m going to highlight some tools I use every day to help me in my web browsing and SEOing. Each tool I describe is free for a download and fantastically useful.

I’m a big fan of 1 Trick Ponies- that is programs that only do one thing. One reason is that can do that thing very well and generally don’t screw up other stuff in the process. The second reason is that despite the fact that I have very powerful PC, too many programs running slow it down. Generally 1 Trick Ponies won’t affect the PC too much because they are usually small. And another big reason I like them is that being small and not complex they usually start and quit very quickly- something else I crave.

  1. Meazure- This is a great image grabber and measuring tool that I use all the time to create images of things on the screen. It’s simple quick to use and does only one thing. I know there are several others out there people use, this one’s shareware.
  2. Irfanview- This is the best quick image editor in the Universe! Do you need to quickly resize an image and not have it go jagged? How about convert from jpg to gif? Make it black and white? Irfanview is fast to load, and unload so it’s one of my favorite all time 1 Trick Ponies. I’m not the only fan.
  3. Xenu Link Sleuth- Are there any broken links in my website/blog? This little program will spider your entire site and create a wonderful, easy to read and understand web page report. It also checks off-site links where many link checkers breakdown. So you can know if that old link to the NYT site still works. The Xenu programmer has it out for the Scientologists, which means his reports are clogged with ads promoting his cause. But it’s shareware. Import Note: Google considers broken links a sign of a bad site and will penalize you for it so find’em and fix’em. I’m not the only fan here either.
  4. Google Desktop Search- I know lots of people are afraid of Google knowing too much about them, I’m not concerned. Google’s search tool for your PC is lightning fast and it searches Outlook email as well as your hard disk.
  5. SEO Quake (Tool Bar for Firefox) -Want to know all about a website really quickly? Install this tool and you can learn a great deal very quickly; how many links on the page? links coming in? going out? Use the Wayback Machine to see all of the previous versions of the site. Check their Alexa, Google, Yahoo, and MSN rankings. And one tool I use constantly, check the density of words on a page- very useful for SEO. And there’s at least one other person who uses this tool too.

I use most of these tools every day. If you use them too, please donate to the authors so we can continue to enjoy their excellent Shareware works.

Thanks for the idea of this blog post to Chris Brogan.

Tanks for reading,


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  • 1 Chris Brogan... // Feb 26, 2008 at 8:36 pm

    And see? I’d never heard of any of those except for #4, so now I have a new tool or two in my collection. That’s why I asked you to write this.

    Cool! : )

  • 2 Nick Schmidt // Feb 28, 2008 at 3:08 am

    I haven’t heard of any of these really.. Hmmmm I may have to check out some of these…


    ps.Thanks for following me on twitter…

  • 3 Amazing Animoto Articulates Artwork // Apr 12, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    [...] hard disk. Then I realized that I needed to shrink them in size so I used Irfanview that I’ve mentioned before. I used the batch function to resize 46 photos in one quick job. It took Irfanview less than 30 [...]

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